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Improve your business productivity with our innovative printing software - the key to ushering in a new era of printing excellence.

Transform your management with Therefore

All-in-one Electronic Document Management (EDM).

Find out how Therefore is revolutionizing your business by integrating this cutting-edge technology. Therefore simplifies your workflows, increases efficiency and frees up your teams. In addition, thanks to the integration of the DMS, which is equipped with very powerful artificial intelligence, with this solution you can fully benefit from the automation and optimization of your document management. It automates the entire management of accounts payable, simplifying the management of invoices, payments, and processes related to your company's finances.

Integrated EDM

Index, classify and find your documents easily.

Intelligent automation

Speed ​​up processes with automation.

Enhanced security

Protect your data with defined permissions.

Collaboration made easy

Work as a team and share in real time.

Version management

Track changes for optimal traceability.

The power of IrisXtract

Optimize invoice management with IrisXtract: no more paperwork and manual entries.

Optimize your supplier invoice management with IrisXtract. Say goodbye to mountains of paper and time-consuming manual entries.

Automate data extraction, gain efficiency and precision.

Reduces errors and frees up teams for high value-added tasks.

Intelligent recognition, user-friendly interface and fast extraction,

Data organization, easy integration and barcode recognition.

Explore the benefits of Tungsten Automation

Intelligent automation platform designed to transform your operations.

Rely on Tungsten Automation for intelligent automation that optimizes your financial processes, enhances archiving security, and improves the productivity of your document management.

Intelligent automation

Benefit from advanced automation that simplifies your complex tasks.

Optimized financial processes

Eliminate the hassle of financial operations with Tungsten Automation's accurate and fast automation.

Automated Archiving Security

Protect your data with automation that securely manages your records.

Improved Document Productivity

Save time and improve efficiency by letting Tungsten Automation handle your document tasks.

Discover IrisPowerScan

Your all-in-one solution for advanced document management.

IrisPowerScan offers you a complete solution, from text recognition to data management, for simplified and efficient document management.

Text recognition (OCR)

Transform your physical documents into editable text with precise recognition.

Interface Intuitive

A user-friendly interface for easy use and smooth navigation.

Data Extraction

Let IrisPowerScan extract essential data from your documents in the blink of an eye.

Data separation

Organize your information with automatic data separation for optimal management.


Benefit from seamless connectivity to integrate your data into your existing systems.

Discover Papercut

Monitor, manage and control their printer usage

Common PaperCut features include print tracking, print quota management, the ability to print securely with per-user authentication, and reporting tools to analyze printing habits. This allows businesses to reduce printing costs, promote sustainable printing practices and improve document security.

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